A silent, invisible and neglected disease...
It is not because that we don't see that it does not exist.

Face Leprosy

Leprosy is a curable, infectious and contagious disease. Leprosy is a notifiable disease but the situation is aggravated by many underreported cases of the disease in Brazil. There are about 30,000 new cases every year, which makes us the 2nd country with the highest incidence, only behind India.

The difficulties in the diagnosis and the stigma that the disease carries make it even harder for people to access treatments, and social minorities suffer the most. The AAL Institute works to strengthen actions for early diagnosis, fighting discrimination with the promotion of social inclusion. As well as supporting the construction of a comprehensive care network for leprosy patients.

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What we do

Founded in 2019 by Dermatologist and Hansenologist Dr. Laila de Laguiche, AAL is a non-profit civil association with an exclusive focus on leprosy, covering both scientific, educational and philanthropic support.

The main goal is to help patients by providing quality care and information, we always value our conduct on ethical and scientific grounds. The Institute grew out of the friendship of several people and the imminent need to organize our society for a blunt action against leprosy and its harms.

Our impact

By the end of 2019, with only 8 months of foundation, the AAL Institute had already passed the main leprosy hyperdemics points in Brazil. Showing solid results from work that has just begun!




More than

2 million

people impacted by medical training projects


2 projects

Uniting the academic community and the government in the fight against the disease



Strengthen actions for early diagnosis and stigma reduction

Our projects

The AAL has renowned members of scientists and doctors from various parts of the country, as well other high-skilled and compromised people with unrivaled experience in the administrative and financial areas.

With this pluralism, our team executes well thought actions with high impact, that's how we achieve our goals!

Magna Class in Pernambuco

Magna Class in Recife (PE), with Prof Marco Marco, from USP Ribeirão Preto. Class taught to the three residency services in Dermatology.

Leprosy Training in the Araguaia Xingu Region

Held in partnership with the State Department of Health of Mato Grosso, Municipal Health Secretariat of Confessa and São Félix do Araguaia (MT), the training sought to improve the disease indicators in the region. The course was taught by Doctor Jaison Antônio Barreto, Hansenologist at the Lauro de Souza Lima Institute. The impacted population reaches 110 thousand people.

Training in the state of Mato Grosso

Training of 480 professionals in 36 municipalities in actions carried out in 2019 and 2020 between the Mato Grosso State Health Secretariat and the AAL Institute.

Donate as a Company

If you wish to donate as a legal entity, the Alliance Against Leprosy Institute offers a certificate for income tax relief. Your help is very important. Donate and engage your collaborators with this cause, let's create a chain of solidarity!

Other ways to help

AAL operates on three strategic fronts: education, science and philanthropy. We provide specialist training to physicians in the most needy regions of the country, promote field care, visit patients and invest in science in remote communities.

In addition to timely and recurring donations, you can be part of our network by supporting and participating in our actions. Click to learn more:


If you are a healthcare professional, you can help us with training and patient care. Other areas are welcome for our project management and communication.


We go to distant and hard-to-reach places where no one wants to go and only private planes and boats can reach. You can use your resources for our activities.


Participation in events, lectures and training. If you have a project suggestion for AAL, send us your request for evaluation.

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